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Choosing Insurance Tips

n modern times it is today almost no one does not need Insurance, Life Insurance to provide protection to risk case of natural disasters that hit someone, for example; died too soon, hurt, crash that requires serious treatment, critical illness, Total Permanent Disability, dead too long. Human beings require beikhtiar minimize the economic risks that occur as a hadith the prophet who became the song "FOR MASS" that we keep the five cases before the coming five cases,
"Use the five things before the arrival of five cases; Young before old, well before the sick, rich before the poor, narrow the field before and life before death." (Hadith narrated by Muslim).
Meanwhile, General Insurance (General) provides protection to our property from the risk of loss that may occur.
However, not all insurance products in the same time taken, we must be wise and appropriate to their level of need and priorities
Here are just choosing insurance Tips Sharia;
1. Make an analysis or if possible consult with a financial planner, or at least make an insurance needs analysis which priorities in need.
2. Select a company health insurance, consider the level of RBC solvabilitasnya or her in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Finance, or at least there was less information about the Ministry of Finance.
3. Consider risk reserves at a profit loss report, a healthy insurance total assets must be greater than the level of risk to be borne.
4. Own capital deposited in accordance with
5. Investments in the do not deviate from the provisions of the Ministry of Finance, transparent and does not conflict with Sharia
6. Achievements can be viewed companies from the ratings made various media
7. Having a quality standard such as ISO
8. Discuss with a professional agent, ask to detail associated with the products, rights and obligations. Law and policy.
9. Survey to the company's office to make sure everything was.
10. Do not forget intend to as Wasilah "ta'awun" copy please help so worth of worship.
Good luck ...
A'lam Wallohu bi showab

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