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Insurance Suputar Sharia

Shariah insurance (Ta'min, Takaful or Tadhamun) is an attempt to protect each other and helping among a number of people / parties through investment in the form of assets and / or tabarru 'which gives the pattern of returns for a particular risk through the covenant (commitment) in accordance with sharia .

Examples of the verses of Allah and the Prophet Hadith that explains benefits of Islamic Insurance:

1.Tiap-each nation has a time limit, so when it came time they can not postpone sesaatpun goods and can not be (too) advance. (Surat al-raf: 34)
Humans are creatures created by God, to live his life on earth. But in carrying out the human life not knowing how long he will continue to live, when he would fall ill, when calamity strikes, accidents, fires, etc.. Because it is merely the secret of Allah SWT.

2.Dan should fear God who should leave behind them the children of poor, that they are concerned about the (welfare) they are. Therefore, let them fear God and let them say the right words. (Surat an-Nisa ': 9)
In human life has the potential to get accident and disaster that may be unexpected, and therefore people are asked to prepare for, deal with the possibility of disaster that would happen to him, so as to avoid kemadharatan for those left behind

Sa'd ibn Abi 3.Dari Waqqaas ra said ... that the Prophet SAW said, 'Surely, if you leave your children in a rich (adequacy) is better than you left them on the poor who beg to other human beings. (Agreed alaih).
Along with human ignorance about the Ghayb (which will happen), God also commanded that men make perncanaan for the future.

4.Dari ra Nu'man ibn Bashir said, that the Prophet SAW said, 'The likeness of those who believe in love, affection and tenderness weakness among them are like one body. If there is one member of a sick body, then all the other members of the body will contribute feel (like) could not sleep and fever. "(Narrated by Muslim)
Among the Muslims, we are commanded to helping each other & help help, which khsusnya to get into trouble.

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